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Community Pop-Up Dinner Review

By: Alex Gonzalez

This past Thursday evening, Community Beer Company hosted a pop-up dinner prepared by Matt McAllister, a local favorite. McAllister is the owner of FT33, a restaurant in the Design District whose menu is daily-changing with different items as they become in-season.

“Nature is usually my inspiration,” Matt McAllister says of his ingredient selection process. “I get ingredients from whatever the farms are growing and that’s what I base our menu off of.”

Because of FT33’s ever-changing menu, McAllister does not associate the restaurant with a signature dish. “We’ve done 1100 dishes since we’ve opened FT33 and we haven’t repeated one,” McAllister says.

The dishes from Thursday night’s pop-up dinner were vegetable-based, and paired with beers from Community Beer Co.’s taproom.