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Weekend Happenings: Father’s Day Brunches and Dinners

Fearing’s Restaurant

Chef Dean Fearing and crew will be hosting a “You’re the Man” themed backyard barbecue at his Ritz-Carlton restaurant. Fearing’s will offer three-course brunch and dinner meals, including Alaskan King Crab with citrus-poached jumbo prawn, a backyard barbecue plate with brisket and elk sausage, and more. Brunch will be served from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and dinner will be served from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. To make a reservation, click here or call (214)-922-4848.

Make your way over to Fearing’s this Sunday for some down-south fun (Via Facebook)

Table 13

Typically closed on Sundays, Table 13 will be opening up on Father’s Day for dinner from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. For $45, guests and their fathers can feast upon a delicious selection of steak and seafood. To make a reservation, click here or call (972)-789-9558.

Table 13 will be open this Sunday for dinner (Via Facebook)

Bulla Gastrobar

On Father’s Day, guests of Legacy West’s Bulla can try many of the gastrobar’s delicious authentic tapas. Plus, they will be giving free orders of their delectable churros to fathers who are able to solve the Bulla Brainteaser. To make a reservation, click here or call (972)-805-4590.

Bulla Gastrobar offers a great selection of authentic Spanish tapas (via Facebook)

Maggiano’s Little Italy

Maggiano’s Northpark location will be putting a spin on the traditional Italian Father’s Day brunch. This Sunday, the famed Italian restaurant will be hosting a murder mystery party from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Tickets for the murder mystery party start at $65 and include three courses and non-alcoholic beverages. For tickets, click here.

Maggiano’s Little Italy will be hosting a Murder Mystery Dinner Party this Sunday (Via Facebook)


Old man not big on meat? V-Eats at Trinity Groves will be hosting a vegan brunch this Sunday. Guests meat-and-dairy-less versions of traditional southern brunch items prepared by chef Troy Gardner. Brunch begins at 10 a.m. and ends at 3 p.m. To make a reservation, click here or call (214)-377-6009.

Bananas Foster from V-Eats (Photo credit: Alex Gonzalez)


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Boss Women Who Brunch to host women empowerment brunch at Gather Kitchen

As women continue to thrive in what had once been known as male-dominated fields, the female empowerment wave keeps growing and growing. The Dallas-based Boss Women Who Brunch is an organization committed to helping corporate, millennial women cultivate their dream careers by providing tips and tools from professionals and
encouraging the community to participate.

On Saturday, June 23, Gather Kitchen will be hosting “Corporate Women Unite: How to 9 and Thrive in Corporate,” a brunch event for corporate, millennial, and professional women.

Photo courtesy of Kali Ah Yuen at People’s Revolt

“Corporate women often feel isolated with little information available to help them move from
one position to the next,” BWWB founder Marty McDonald says.“The event allows these women to network with the local community, while highlighting and gathering insight, in-person, from notable panelists who will share advice and provide actionable tools onhow to achieve their career goals.”

The event will help initiate and maintain unity among corporate women in the DFW metroplex and beyond through key speakers and icebreaker features. Key speakers at the event include CEO and President of Women’s Foodservice Forum, Hattie Hill, former President of Del Frisco’s Grille and C-Level Executive, Sarah McAloon, Senior Brand Manager at Sally’s Beauty, Mia Lawrence and more.

Corporate Women Unite will take place on Saturday, June 23 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. For tickets and a full list of keynote speakers, click here.


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Weekend Happenings 5/11 – 5/13: Mother’s Day, Homegrown Fest, and more

Homegrown Music and Arts Festival:

Tomorrow, Homegrown Music and Arts Festival Returns to Main Street Garden Park for the ninth year. Each of the acts, including Explosions in the Sky, Medicine Man Revival, and Duell all have some sort of connection to the great state of Texas. Tickets for Homegrown are available for purchase here. Check out Explosions in the Sky’s music video for “The Ecstatics” below!

House of DIFFA 2018: Alter Ego

Every year, the Design Industry Foundation Fighting AIDS puts on a uniquely themed fashion show, the proceeds of which go to funding AIDS research. This Saturday, the DIFFA show returns to the Omni Hotel in Downtown Dallas, with the theme “Alter Ego.” To behold a fabulous collection of fashions and to support a great cause, purchase your tickets for House of DIFFA here.

Mother’s Day Brunches:

Below is a list of our top choices for Mother’s Day brunch this Sunday.

  • Barnes & Noble Kitchen – Legacy West: At $35 per head, guests of Barnes & Noble Kitchen get a delicious, healthy three-course brunch. Check out the menu below!
Via Twitter
  • III Forks: Opening at the rare hour of 11:00 a.m., III Forks will be offering brunch this Sunday. Their finely curated three-course brunch menu will allow guests to choose from their
    Aged Midwestern Beef Tenderloin, Crabcake St. Francis Benedict, and more. Spots are filling up quickly, so call (972)-267-1776 to get your reservations in.
Via Facebook
  • V-Eats: Not big on meat or dairy? Not to worry! Chef Troy Gardner will be cooking up a selection of vegan eats this Sunday at Trinity Groves! To RSVP, click here.
Via Facebook
  • Oak: Looking to splurge? $65.00 will get you a four-course brunch meal at Oak in the Design District. To check out Oak’s lavish brunch offerings, click here.

    Via Facebook
  • Blue Mesa: For just $22, guests of Blue Mesa can enjoy a buffet including an omelet station, taco bar, and more. Mimosas, tea, and coffee come included with this package!
Via Blue Mesa
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Chris Vogeli Shares Challenges of Maintaining a Prime Steakhouse

For almost 20 years, III Forks has remained one of Dallas’s best-known prime steakhouses. Since it’s 1998 opening, it has become a holy mecca for steak-loving Dallasites and high-class connoisseurs. While things operate smoothly on a nightly basis, there is a lot of work that goes in to make sure guest service and overall experience are both impeccable.

On an April afternoon, I have the privilege of speaking with Proprietor and Executive Chef, Chris Vogeli. It is about an hour before dinnertime, but luckily, Vogeli has a good amount of time to talk to me in between staff meetings and front-of-house huddles.

“Since early on, we’ve always lived by the philosophy of taking care of everyone who enters our four walls,” Vogeli says of his III Forks team. “Consistency is the biggest challenge we face every day, but we always go out of our way to create a good atmosphere and to provide top-notch service.”

As one would expect, Vogeli is a perfectionist, therefore he is constantly training his employees to ensure that they are meeting the needs of everyone who walks in.

Vogeli and members of his finely selected team. (Photo credit: Tammany Stern)

“We spend a lot of time and money on training and on continuing training,” Vogeli says. “Nowadays, with dietary restrictions, we’re challenged on a daily basis. You’ve got the whole gluten-free thing, plus other trends. All of our servers are trained to guide those patrons into making good choices so they can come in and dine within their dietary needs.”

In order to meet everyone’s needs, Vogeli utilizes the highest quality ingredients in all of his dishes. However, given Texas’s notorious weather patterns, sourcing ingredients can prove difficult at times.

“We try to source locally, Vogeli says. “Unfortunately, we have short seasons in Texas. We’ve got grapefruit that we’ll incorporate into our dishes in January and February. We’ve got blueberries and peaches in June, but Texas’s unpredictable weather makes it tough to source locally.”

Vogeli also has included dishes on his menu, specifically intended for those wanting something other than steak, or heavy meats.

A crabcake from III Forks (Via Facebook)

“We offer some great seafood dishes,” Vogeli says. “It’s not just steaks. There’s something for everybody here.”

While Dallas, specifically the Far North, is becoming a hot-and-happening dining and nightlife district, III Forks has managed to remain the epitome of all things Dallas. However, this status has not been met without competition.

“Right now, there are too many stores in the area,” Vogeli says. “We’re not suffering, but this still poses a challenge. You’ve got all these fancy new places opening up in Plano and Frisco, and people are flocking to them. But trends come and go, and eventually, people find their way back to us.”

Although III Forks is a world-renowned steakhouse, Vogeli insists that those wanting to learn the craft of a luxury chef don’t need to stray too far from their own backyard.

Vogeli utilizes high-quality ingredients in his dishes. (Via Facebook)

“I’m a graduate from the El Centro Culinary Arts program,” Vogeli says. “I graduated in 1986 under Gus Kasrigis. Parents come up to me all the time and say ‘My kid wants to go into culinary arts, where should I send them?’ and I tell them ‘you can send them anywhere they want to go, but do not discount El Centro before making the final decision.’”

Vogeli also notes the importance of remembering to remain humble in the workplace. He reiterates that no task in the restaurant is beneath anyone.

You cannot be afraid to roll up your sleeves and jump into it,” Vogeli says. “You’ve got to be able to do every job that makes up the restaurant. Whether it’s mixing a drink or helping the dishwasher, you cannot be afraid to put in the work.”

This Sunday, III Forks will be offering a special Mother’s Day brunch menu from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. To make reservations, call (972)-267-1776.


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Al Biernat’s Introduces Brunch Menu

Earlier this month, Al Biernat’s unveiled their brunch menu and began to share its offerings with the public. For those wanting a luxurious, lavish brunch experience, Al Biernat’s should most definitely be on your food bucket list.

Now, before you make any brunch plans, be prepared to break the bank. The items on Al Biernat’s brunch menu are a bit pricey, however, I can vouch for the fact that the service, quality of the food, and the overall experience is worth every penny.

I arrive at Al Biernat’s on a Sunday morning. Upon arrival, I am quickly greeted and offered a place to hang my coat. The rest of my party has arrived before me, so I am immediately guided to my table.

To kick things off, I order a mimosa. Al Biernat’s mimosa can be described as a glass of champagne with slight touches of orange juice, which, if we’re being honest, is the way to do it. I mean, come on! No one wants to spend $7 on a glass of orange juice, am I right?

A selection of drinks from Al Biernat’s (Photo credit: Alex Gonzalez)

Al Biernat’s brunch menu boasts a variety of options for appetizers, including Atlantic Calamari, Lump Crab Cake, and Crab & Corn Chowder. I, however, opt for something light; the Seasonal Fruit.

The Seasonal Fruit is an arrangement of fruits of almost every color of the rainbow. There is a small bowl of raspberry yogurt in the middle of the fruit plate, which complements the already sweet, fresh fruit nicely.

Seasonal Fruit from Al Biernat’s (photo credit: Alex Gonzalez)

For my main course, I order the Carne Asada with scrambled eggs. The other two people in my party order the Chicken Fried Chicken and the Shrimp & Grits. During the main course, my party and I pass our plates around and allow each other to take a bit off of each others’ plates.

Carne Asada from Al Biernat’s (photo credit: Alex Gonzalez)

Out of all of the items I sample that morning, I must say, the Shrimp and Grits is my favorite. The grits are warm and have a sweet flavor to them and the shrimp are thick, meaty, and hearty. The shrimp come slathered in Al Biernat’s creole sauce, which is absolutely to die for! The creole sauce packs a perfect punch of sweet, spicy, and tangy. I love it so much that I order the sauce on the side, so I can put it on my eggs and carne asada.

Shrimp & Grits from Al Biernat’s (photo credit: Alex Gonzalez)

To wrap things up, we order the Brioche French Toast for the table to share. The Brioche French Toast comes topped with caramelized bananas, blackberries, and Chambord cream. The toast is cooked to a fluffy, cake-like consistency. It is a warm mound of pillowy goodness. Plus, the fruit was good and fresh, not mushy and soggy like in other restaurants.

Brioche French Toast from Al Biernat’s (photo credit: Alex Gonzalez)

If you’ve got extra money to spend, Al Biernat’s brunch is definitely worth dropping a pretty penny. Be sure to arrive in your best clothes with your favorite people.

Al Biernat’s brunch is served every Sunday from 11:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

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Corey Pond Speaks on The Common Table’s New Frisco Location

For nearly eight years, The Common Table has been a hot brunch destination for Dallasites and Uptown dwellers. With its new location in The Star in Frisco, founder Corey Pond hopes to expand Common Table’s horizons and attract a wider demographic. As its name suggests, The Common Table is a haven for those who wish to bond over the love of beer and food.

“It’s more of a feeling than it is anything literal,” founder Corey Pond says of the eatery’s name. “A common table is a place where you would go and meet people you don’t know, and hopefully make new friends. We believe we’ve incorporated that sort of philosophy here.”

A “common table” inside The Common Table’s Frisco location (Photo credit: Alex Gonzalez)

Although The Common Table is arguably most known for its brunch and beer dinners, Pond notes that he hadn’t originally planned to serve food.

“I had a love for craft beer and wanted to open a craft beer bar,” Pond says, “but because of the location we ended up with, we also had to have a restaurant. It took us a little while to get the food right, but now I think the food in both places is very good, especially for the price.”

    Founder Corey Pond (left) with Operation Partner Rodman Shields (right)

Weekend brunch is a staple in Dallas. With so many restaurants to choose from, The Common Table has set itself apart by making quality dishes and creating an amped up atmosphere.

“Brunch food really isn’t difficult to prepare,” Ponds says. “It’s just all about buying good ingredients. It’s a chill vibe here most of the time, but at brunch time, we turn up hip-hop music a little louder than usual.”

Although The Star and Uptown are two vastly different scenes, The Star’s location shares a lot of the elements that the original location has become well known for.

“We’ve just recently started the live music series here [in The Star,] Pond says. “The music events are held every Thursday and Saturday night, like in Uptown. Some of the artists are the same, but we also have some new artists.”

Apart from the live music events, The Common Table’s Frisco location also has Live Trivia Wednesdays, Brewsday Tuesdays, and Pour Man’s Beer Dinner on Mondays.

Trivia Nights and Pour Man’s Beer Dinner are just a couple of The Common Table’s notable events

“The Pour Man’s Beer Dinner is different every week,” Pond says. “Each week, the chef in each location comes up with a different four-course menu, each of the courses is paired with a different beer.”

Because of the wide variety of beer available in house, The Common Table’s customers are able to taste unique pairings of beer and food.

“Beer’s such a versatile drink, more than wine.” Ponds says. “There are over 100 different styles of beer, so for any type of food you make, there’s a perfect beer to pair it with.”

The Common Table is currently open in both Uptown Dallas and in The Star in Frisco. Be sure to pay a visit and try their unique pairings.

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Haywire to Begin Serving Brunch

In the three weeks since their official grand opening, Legacy West’s Haywire has proven to be a hit. People from all over the metroplex are stopping by to get a taste of southern hospitality.

This coming weekend, Haywire will begin serving brunch.

I was lucky enough to try some of Haywire’s soon-to-be-available brunch items last weekend during a special Frontburner friends and family event. Their items are far different from the regular chicken and waffles or eggs benedict Dallasites know and love. Haywire’s brunch menu consists of many traditional brunch items that have a southern touch one couldn’t find anywhere else.

To kick things off, I ordered a Seelbach cocktail. The drink had a fruity, citrus flavor, similar to grapefruit, followed by a strong, alcoholic aftertaste. I cooled down with a mimosa, in which the champagne and orange juice flavors had a perfect balance.

Mimosa (Photo Credit: Alex Gonzalez)
For the starter, I was served the Cast Iron Cheddar and Jalapeño Biscuits. The biscuits were served with sides of sausage gravy and peach compote. I particularly enjoyed the fact that the biscuits were crispy, with a crunchy, cheesy outer layer, and didn’t fall apart leaving a flaky mess. The gravy complemented the biscuits in a way that made them feel warm and comforting.
Cast Iron Cheddar and Jalapeño Biscuits (Photo Credit: Alex Gonzalez)
The biscuits were followed by the Ranch Chicken Cobb Salad. Although the salad was phenomenal, I found it a bit oddly presented. It looked like two chicken strips were simply plopped atop a bed of greens. Perhaps the salad would’ve been more aesthetically pleasing had the chicken strips been cut into smaller pieces and spread among the salad. Despite the salad’s peculiar appearance, it was packed with flavor. It was heavy on bleu cheese and Texas honey & herb vinaigrette dressing, which gave the greens a creamy texture. Plus, the bacon bits gave the salad a sweet, meaty kick.
Ranch Chicken Cobb Salad (Photo Credit: Alex Gonzalez)
I ordered the Texas Gulf Shrimp and Grits for my main course. Normally, I’m not very big on grits, however, I do not regret trying Haywire’s. The grits were topped with a beautiful arrangement of high-quality shrimp and a poached egg. The shrimp was the brightest shade of red, and thick and meaty like sausage. The grits were creamy and soupy in texture and had a spicy kick courtesy of Haywire’s signature creole sauce.
Texas Gulf Shrimp and Grits (Photo Credit: Alex Gonzalez)
I concluded my brunch meal with the Texan Pecan Brown Butter Pancakes. In all honesty, these pancakes were the best I’ve tasted in my life. I’ve never had pancakes with a perfect cake-like texture, but Haywire hit this nail on the head. These pancakes were a stack of heavenly, fluffy goodness, topped with delicious whiskey peach compote, pecans, and whipped cream.
Texan Pecan Brown Butter Pancakes (Photo Credit: Alex Gonzalez)
Legacy West’s Haywire is a manifestation of southern hospitality. It’s an experience unlike anything you’ll find in Plano and is sure to be a hit for years to come.

Haywire officially rolls out their brunch menu on December 23rd at 11:00 am.