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Ferris Wheelers Backyard & BBQ is the Epitome of Southern Hospitality

As older Dallas neighborhoods continue to see the effects of modernization in once traditional neighborhoods, good old-fashioned barbecue joints are seemingly hard to come by. At Ferris Wheelers Backyard & BBQ, guests get the feel of a southern barbecue house complete with a spacious, dog-friendly yard, a stage for country/rock performances, and a giant ferris wheel. Frequently acclaimed as the best barbecue in DFW, Ferris Wheelers offers all of the elements that make southern hospitality, and more.



Ferris Wheelers offers a variety of cocktails, many of which are traditional, but with a unique spin. One of these cocktails is the Blood Orange Mule, which consists of Stoli vodka, blood orange puree, lime juice, goslings, and ginger beer. It is a fruity, satisfying drink; not too strong on alcohol flavor, but sweet and tangy, like an Italian soda.

The Blood Orange Mule is a sweet, refreshing drink (Photo credit: Alex Gonzalez)

Another refreshing beverage is the Midway Margarita, which consists of Lunazul Tequila, lime, triple sec, and simple syrup. I highly recommend ordering the Midway Margarita with an additional pomegranate swirl for a sweet and sour punch of flavor.

The Midway Margarita tastes great with a pomegranate swirl (Photo credit: Alex Gonzalez)




When crafting a good barbecue, side dishes are just as important as entrees. The crew at Ferris Wheelers understands this and puts a great amount of care into their sides.

While coleslaw is never really anyone’s first choice as a side dish, Ferris Wheelers’s Jalapeño Bacon Coleslaw is surprisingly delicious. Apart from cabbage and carrots, the Jalapeño Bacon Coleslaw comes packed with meaty chunks of jalapeño sausage and bits of sweet, crispy bacon.

Ferris Wheelers’s Jalapeño Bacon Cole slaw is worth a try (Photo credit: Alex Gonzalez)


Other great sides include the BBQ Mac N Cheese, which is served topped with crispy barbecue-flavored potato chips, and the Fried Okra.



All of the meats at Ferris Wheelers are flavorful, savory, and satisfying, but perhaps my favorite was the brisket. The USDA Prime Brisket is smoked to perfection, cuts like butter, and partners well with Ferris Wheelers’s signature Texas Gold sauce.

Brisket, sausage, and okra (Photo credit: Alex Gonzalez)

The Hot Link, which is a brisket/pork shoulder blend stuffed with jalapeño and cheddar cheese, is a meaty treat one is hard-pressed to find anywhere else, and a must-try for first-timers at Ferris Wheelers.

Another great choice is the apple cider/honey brined turkey breast, which pairs well with Ferris Wheelers’s mustard-based Carolina Gold sauce.

Ribs, brisket, and southern fixins (Photo credit: Alex Gonzalez)

Ferris Wheelers Backyard & BBQ is located at 1950 Market Center Blvd in Dallas. For information on hours, menu items, and events, visit their official website.