Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen Opens in Uptown

If there’s anything Dallasites love, it’s “fast” and “casual.” The Chicago-based Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen has mastered the art of fast and casual dining. At Doc B’s, guests can feast upon a variety of light-yet-filling items consisting of locally sourced ingredients. Uptown’s newest addition is a great place for those who enjoy eating good food and drinking unique beverages in a fun, modern setting.



Doc B’s drink menu offers guests beers from local breweries, as well as cocktails unique to the restaurant. One of their signature cocktails, The Dangler, consists of Traverse City Whiskey, carrot juice, and maple flavorings. While the drink goes down easily, it has a strong whiskey aftertaste. It tastes like a cold-pressed juice with a hard punch at the end. Two Danglers are enough to help a guest loosen up and relax, but not too strong to the point where one wouldn’t be able to drive home at the end of the night.

The Dangler (Photo credit: Alex Gonzalez)


The Snack + Start + Share menu contains six items unique to Doc B’s, including the Oven Roasted Chicken Wings, Killer Grilled Shrimp, and the Housemade Guacamole. The latter of these items comes served with Doc B’s “famous” sweet potato chips. This plate is a great starter for those wanting to eat light, as the chips are devoid of grease and oil. The guacamole is thick and hearty, with the consistency of Greek yogurt, and it contains a perfect amount of lime flavor; not too acidic, but not in any way bland.

Homemade Guacamole with Doc B’s famous sweet potato chips (Photo credit: Alex Gonzalez)


Patrons of Doc B’s can choose from a variety of sandwiches, burgers, and salads for their main course. One of their most popular salads, The Knife and Fork Cobb, is an arrangement of lettuce and tomato that comes packed with proteins, including bacon, egg, avocado, and a side of crispy chicken. The bacon, avocado, and pieces of the egg are carefully mixed in with the veggies, which are topped with cornbread croutons and Doc B’s signature Gold Coast Vinaigrette. Ordering a salad that utilizes a boiled egg is always a risk. If the egg isn’t cooked long enough, it may cause salmonella; if it’s cooked too long, it tastes like sulfuric acid. Doc B’s nails every aspect of the cobb salad. All of the proteins are cooked and prepared just right, and every morsel is packed with sweet, savory flavor. Even the cornbread croutons add a unique touch and allow for a taste better than typical remnants of stale toast.

The Knife & Fork Cobb Salad (Photo credit: Alex Gonzalez)


Doc B’s dessert menu offers a featured dessert that changes daily. Last night, it was sea salt caramel gelato sandwiched between two oatmeal raisin cookies. Considering the weather in Dallas reached the triple digits yesterday, this dessert made for the perfect way to cool off after a long day. The ice cream was sweet but not overbearing on flavor. The cookies managed to stay intact with the ice cream, without slipping off or getting soggy.

One of Doc B’s daily-rotating featured desserts (Photo credit: Alex Gonzalez)


Dallasites are hard-pressed to find better service at any other restaurant in town. Although Doc B’s is based in Chicago, their Dallas staff has clearly been trained to provide top-notch southern hospitality. Each staff member proved to be able any sort of question, knew the menu up and down, and tended to everyone’s needs with a genuine, good attitude.


Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen is currently open at 2021 McKinney Avenue in Dallas. For a full menu and information on hours, visit Doc B’s official website.