Meet Pam Eudaric: A Jane of All Trades

Everyone has heard the age-old expression in which that if one does what they love, they never have to work a day in their life. For Pam Eudaric, this is the reality. Eudaric is the owner of Chocolate Secrets, located in Highland Park. She also owns Green Earth Metal Company, Joe Carter Construction, and Uptown Printer. For some, maintaining four businesses may sound daunting, but for Eudaric, it’s the reason she wakes up in the morning.

“I enjoy doing a lot of things,” Eudaric says. “What ever presents itself, what ever need arises, that’s what I try to go do. I don’t believe it’s necessary to do only one thing throughout your entire life. I think you should explore and be open to different opportunities.”

As one could imagine, Eudaric is busy at nearly all hours of the day. Luckily for her, this does not pose a burden.

“I don’t necessarily feel the need to have down time,” Eudaric says. “All of the things I do, I enjoy. For example, did you know we have live jazz here Wednesdays through Saturdays? I get to come here, have chocolate, drink wine, and listen to music.”

After years of hard work, Eudaric feels that she has earned the life she has always wanted. Prior to owning her companies, Eudaric worked as a business litigation attorney. However, she eventually dreaded having to constantly be the bearer of bad news, which is why she decided to venture away from the realm of law.

“When you’re a business litigator, usually the answer is ‘no,'” Eudaric says, “meaning, if you were to ask me something, the answer is likely to be ‘no,’ and I’d knock your teeth in. When I retired to take care of my children, I opened up a business where the answer is always ‘yes.’ When you’re in my home, I take care of you like I take care of my family.”

Eudaric’s mantra of treating guests like family rings true throughout her store, Chocolate Secrets. Chocolate Secrets offers guests a variety of chocolates, paired with a selection of wines.

“We make all of our chocolates in house,” Eudaric says. “I have hired chefs from seven different countries and they are incredibly talented.”

All of Chocolate Secret’s chocolates are prepared in-house (Photo credit: Alex Gonzalez)

Her carefully-selected chocolatiers are always hard at work, and constantly help Eudaric bring her ideas to life.

“I just came up with a new recipe for a fantastic chocolate called ‘Black Panther,’” Eudaric says. “I’ve seen the movie four times. I like to think of this chocolate as a ‘fabulous’ and ‘honest’ chocolate.”

The ‘Black Panther’ is among the many chocolate options available at Chocolate Secrets. As a business owner, Eudaric’s prerogative is to priortize the needs of every customer and make them feel at home.

Some of the many chocolate treats available at Chocolate Secrets (Photo credit: Alex Gonzalez)

“I’m trying to inspire little moments of bliss,” Eudaric says. “I want to give everyone all of the options possible, because I want to make them happy.”

After years of hard work, Eudaric was recently awarded the Quest for Success award from the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce. She is also working on a book of her own.

“My book will be a self-help book,” Eudaric says. “It’s called ‘Be Open to Yes,’ and it is currently in the process of editing.”

With her accolades and her projects, along with her close friends and family, Eudaric feels very fulfilled.

“I’m just a happy woman,” Eudaric says. “I’m the owner of many  wonderful businesses, I’m the mother of three great sons, and I love life.”