BestOfGuide®.com is known for our print advertising. We communicate directly with 300,000 affluent residents in the Dallas Metroplex with each publication. The BestOfGuide®.com’s digital advertising reinforces a publishing strategy that will deliver each merchant the additional ability to gain effective internet representation through digital marketing. Each merchant is a part of the vertically integrated marketing services that all participating BestOfGuide®.com advertisers will enjoy. BestOfGuide®.com employs an aggressive print and social media marketing campaign designed to increase local marketplace visibility.

Digital Marketing Results

eBlast and text message campaigns to our database integrate with BestOfGuide®.com Social Media. Each merchant is featured on our website with an ad and link back to their website boosting your search engine ranking. With thousands of visitors per day visiting BestOfGuide®.com, your business gets maximum exposure. You can display the “Best in the City” badge on your website with a link back to your featured ad on BestOfGuide®.com.

It’s important to note that BestOfGuide®.com has never used any pay-for-performance ads and always has strong traffic due to the use of Social Media advertising and other ongoing digital campaigns.

BestOfGuide®.com averaged over 3,296 site visitors this period, has a low bounce rate (.14%), and the average number of pages visited per session is 3. The average session duration is 1.73 minutes. Our traffic is a fairly even split between direct and organic/referral/social media.

 As of January 1, 2023


BestOfGuide®.com engages and retains customers for you with SMS Marketing. Each time we eBlast a featured offer or have a special offer from you, we text that information to our 10,000+ mobile phone database. These are our BOG Rewards members who signed up specifically to receive your offers.

We know how valuable email marketing is, and our email analytics prove that it’s an effective way to communicate. BestOfGuide®.com has an aggressive email marketing campaign with a database reaching over 40,000, low attrition and lots of click action to your targeted links. Analytics are available to our merchants at the end of each campaign so you know the exact impact each message has.

BestofGuide®.com is engaging and interacting across social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram reach over 71,000. We have strong engagement on each social media venue. BestofGuide®.com is consistently aiming the spotlight in your direction whether it’s posting a featured eBlast offer, or commenting and sharing your social media postings.

BOG Rewards® Mobile App is a robust digital extension of the BestofGuide®.com brand. With almost 6,000 users and growing, this free app gives subscribers access to the most exclusive digital invitations and incredibly rich special promotions from the “Best in City”, top-ranked dining, retail, travel, entertainment, personal and home services businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. It showcases your business and puts you right in front with real time offers, events and promotions to our audience.

BestOfGuide®.com also features a Community Events page as well as a Special Offer page to promote other types of events and offers from our Merchants. BestOfGuide®.com is consistently marketing your business from the moment you partner with us.